Service and Calibration

Ideal Aerosmith’s expert team of service technicians can perform installations, calibrations, training, repairs and upgrades in the field with a minimum amount of down time.


Ideal Aerosmith personnel can be hired to assist with the installation of your new table system, to help with an existing table system, or to provide on-site training to minimize downtime.


Investing in the specialized equipment required for calibrating a precision rate table and maintaining their NIST-traceable calibration is not cost-effective for most companies. That is why Ideal Aerosmith offers an on-site calibration service.

Ideal Aerosmith experts travel to customer sites around the world with NIST-traceable equipment that’s required to calibrate rate tables. We can customize a calibration agreement to cover multiple years and a variety of rate table calibrations. The calibration agreement can also cover routine maintenance, spare parts, and repairs. Discounts are provided based on length and type of the agreement.

Please contact us for a quote to perform an on-site calibration to keep your rate table in compliance with your calibration quality standards.

Rate table calibration equipment maintained by Ideal Aerosmith (all with NIST traceability) includes but is not limited to:

  • Complete Line of Mechanical Inspection Equipment:
    • Surface Plates
    • Parallels
    • Pins
    • Micrometers
  • Precision Angular Measurement Equipment:
    • 0.2 Arc-Second Digital Level
    • 0.01 Arc-Second Autocollimator
    • 8-Sided Optical Polygon
    • Spindle Mirror
  • Electronic Test Equipment:
    • Digital Multimeter with 6 1/2 digit resolution
    • Universal Frequency Counter, 12 Digit / Second with high with high stability oven oscillator